Website Backups

From: £2.00 / month for 12 months and a £1.50 sign-up fee

Engineered with highest standards. Comprehensive backup solution with automated backups, automated restores, 90-day backup archive.




A great backup service is the cornerstone of any WordPress website management. If an update fails, or your website crashes, it’s imperative to have an up-to-date backup of your website. Sure Start IT’s backup services takes the load of your mind by running scheduled backups and making sure that an up-to-date backup is always ready. And since our backups are incremental and run off-site, it will successfully back up even the most problematic websites.

Engineered with highest standards. Our comprehensive backup solution with automated backups, automated restores, 90-day backup archive is your go to backup solution for any sized websites..

We store your backups for 90 days. If you remove your website from our service your backups will be removed after 7 days. If you re-add your website within these 7 days, your backups will still be available.


Core Features

1) Low server load

95% of the backup is done on our server infrastructure, which is a blessing for your web server PHP memory.


2) EU and US storage

Comply with the EU directive by keeping your websites on the optional EU storage.


3) Incremental backup

Only the new and altered files and tables are backed up, hugely increasing the reliability and reducing the site server usage.


Please include the website domain name in the order notes, we will contact you back as soon as your order has been received.

Additional information

Backup Cycle

Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Every 12 hours, Every 6 hours, Every hour